Sage ERP Accpac

Speaking Topics
Session ID Nature Topic Speaker
AG001 General Understanding Sage ERP Accpac 6.1 User Interface design SAGE
Whenever the user interface design changes, it takes a while to get used to it. This session takes you through the various user interface components used in the building of screens in 6.1. And, with that you can understand it and appreciate better the new user interface.
AP001 Pre-sales + General Effective demonstration techniques for Sage Accpac Intelligence SAGE
So, you think you are already an expert in this exciting Business Intelligence tool for Accpac. Come and get yourself challenged in this session and perhaps you will walk away with a better perspective of the power of Sage Accpac Intelligence and how it can make a difference in your pre-sales demonstration.
AP002 Pre-sales + General Working with SAI Report Designer SAGE
Learn how to use this new SAI module to create financial reports quickly and easily. This is also an easy tool to teach your customers who still find Financial Reporter in Accpac too difficult to use.
AP003 Pre-sales + General Introduction to GL Consolidation SAGE
This module offers a simple and effective solution for larger businesses when it comes to consolidating their General Ledger for financial reporting. With the change in product packaging for this, it is even more attractive to businesses who needs to perform such tasks on a regular basis. This session shows you how to use the product to consolidate GL data.
AP005 Pre-sales + General Setting up and using Sage Accpac Alerts SAGE
Data is static. To turn data into information would need customers to run reports. But there is a growing need for businesses to be nimble and responsive. And, this require customers to spot anomalies and identify situations in their business systems automatically without user interaction. Sage Accpac Alerts offers a cost effective way to turn Accpac into an effective business applications that monitors and reports on specific actions happening in their data.
AP006 Pre-sales + General Appreciating Sage Accpac Intelligence Analysis module SAGE
When the data gets larger, it may be impractical to use the standard Report Manager technique of dumping data onto Worksheet 1 of MS Excel. The Analysis module provides for a way to build cubes that can be used with Report Manager and that does not need to have the data for the report places in Worksheet 1. This session shows how you can build custom cube containers that can be used for improved performance in reporting.
AP007 Pre-sales + General Sage ERP Accpac killer functions revisited SAGE
So, you think you know all there is to know about Accpac. Well this session will revisit some common and some not so common areas of the product. The intention here is to show you how a simple function can appear so much more useful if you can match it to real world needs. This is a not to be missed session as it is worthwhile even for someone who is very experienced in Accpac.
AP008 Pre-sales + General Disaster Recovery techniques for Sage ERP Accpac SAGE
Disaster Recovery for any IT systems for a business is critical. More so if the application runs their business. When you implement Accpac for your customers, it is also your responsibilty as a consultant to provide or recommend proper disaster recovery procedures. This session covers the basics of DR with special reference to Accpac. An added benefit here is you can take back a working DR plan that you can use for your customers.
AP009 General Sage ERP Accpac Project and Job Costing SAGE
The Sage ERP Accpac Project and Job Costing module provides a comprehensive solution for tracking and accounting of projects as part of a complete Sage Accpac solution.  In this session you will learn how the PJC module fits into the Sage Accpac Extended Enterprise suite of products by integrating with every Sage Accpac financial and operations modules, and provides complete functionality and visibility in SageCRM.    This session will help you to understand how PJC can provide a complete Sage Accpac solution for clients requiring project management functionality.
AT001 Technical Installing Sage ERP Accpac 6.0/6.1 on Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 - Part 1 SAGE
This session is a 2-part series that is designed for both new and experienced installers of Sage ERP Accpac. The new environment and database introduces new complexities and at the same time offers more capabilities to manage the data. Come and learn the right way to install and configure the latest Accpac under these new Microsoft technologies. Also, learn how to use some of the new tools provided to resolve problems and to improve performance. The session will include "live" step by step guide on how to do it the right way.
AT002 Technical Installing Sage ERP Accpac 6.0/6.1 on Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 - Part 2 SAGE
This is a continuation of Part 1 and should be taken in conjunction with that in order for a full unerstanding of the topic.
AT003 Technical Overview of Snapshots creation SAGE
With 6.0. Sage releases 6 snapshots that can be adapted for use in the Portal. This session looks at the technical aspect of snapshot development. Come and learn how to get started developing snapshots that can be deployed for your customers.
AT004 Technical How to create new containers in Sage Accpac Intelligence SAGE
The power of Sage Accpac Intelligence lies with its ability to create custom containers that can include data beyond Accpac. This session shows you step by step how to create the containers and then show you how to use them in new reports that you created.
AT008 Technical Technical Tips and Tricks SAGE
You will never know but there could be still areas that are new to you or some new innovative way of using a particular feature may have alluded you. Here is a session that digs deep into the product to deliver you some useful gems. Due to the large number of such tips and tricks, the session will cover only some interesting examples but details for all of the tips and tricks are provided in the handout.
AT009 Technical Sage ERP Accpac Advanced Financial Reporter SAGE
Warning -- this advanced Financial Reporter session is not for the weak at heart! In this power-packed session, you will learn how to think outside the box with Financial Reporter to design complex and sophisticated reports for clients. Learn how to include optional field information as report criteria, design reports with budget write backs to Sage Accpac, and build simple dashboards that refresh instantly instead of having to run reports. Find out how Excel can help with report design for dynamic graphs, consolidations, and conditional formatting. Bring your Financial Reporter issues and concerns to discuss in class as we work collectively to identify solutions to your most challenging client report problems. This session will amaze you with all the things that FR can do!
AT010 Technical Extending Portal Inquiry function with new query views SAGE
Sage ERP Accpac Portal comes with 3 standard Inquiry Views. This session shows you how to modify them and to create new ones. The technique learnt here will provide you with invaluable knowledge to deliver solutions with the Inquiry feature of the Portal.